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Home extermination techniques vary from traps to bait. Snap traps are dangerous for humans and house pets if not placed properly.

Glue traps are similarly used to trap mice but also require proper placement to be effective. Live traps require homeowners to dispose of captured rodents. All traps require an intimate knowledge of mouse habits and behavior to use them effectively.

Baits may also be used but carry a heightened risk. Improper placement and use of baits can affect people, pets and wildlife. Homeowners would not be advised to perform baiting at their home.

Mouse infestations are troublesome and dangerous to humans. Mice feed on human food sources and destroy cartons, paper, boxes and plastic in order to construct their nests. The urine, saliva and feces of some mice may contain viruses and bacteria, such as salmonella and Hantavirus. It is therefore necessary to exterminate any mouse infestation. It is advisable to take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation. Populations grow rapidly and are extremely difficult to eradicate. It is best to target infestations when colonies are small.

The most efficient mouse extermination methods are those administered by the trained pest control professionals at Pest Gone Pest Control. Contact us to arrange for an inspection and consultation by calling 720-556-3658

About Our Rodent Control Services (Mice & Voles)

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Types Of Rodent Solutions:

 Pest Gone Pest Control Will properly identify your pest population. Noises within walls may be a result of a mouse infestation; however, insects and even the building itself may make similar noises and will require different solutions.

 We will insure all possible feeding sites and entry points are identified and eliminated. We advise all Human food sources be kept in metal or glass containers with tight lids.

 Trash cans MUST be similarly resilient and sealed.

 Countertops, sinks and kitchen floors must be kept clean, and we will verify that all possible entry points are sealed.

 Cracks, holes and crevices must be sealed with steel or concrete.

 The open areas around pipes, gas lines and dryer vents must also be sealed.

 Holes as small as pencil erasers may allow entry and must not be disregarded.

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